Our actions
Our actions

Our sustainable actions

Our actions reflect our commitments to the environment and society, which is why the sustainability of a project is of paramount importance. In specific terms, our approach is adopted in all our activities and over time.

We focus our efforts in five areas
in terms of sustainability 


As we are concerned about the well-being of occupants and residents, we attach importance to including green spaces and the services required for everyday living when designing a project. And because real estate development requires sites to be unoccupied over a long period, we allow temporary occupations.

Urban greening and biodiversity

Planning the creation of havens of freshness and encouraging the design of green spaces and communal gardens improves the well-being of citizens and residents on a daily basis.

“15-minute city”

With peace of mind guaranteed, this assumes that all the required services are within easy reach of the project areas: school, childcare centre, elderly care home, convenience store, employment, culture and housing. They enrich the daily life of residents and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Temporary occupation

Real estate development means that our sites are often unoccupied for long periods between the different stages of construction. That's why we make these spaces available free of charge for projects open to the local community.


We put reuse at the heart of our approach. When it comes to construction, we are aware that renovation is the first instance of reuse. Preserving the existing concrete or other materials allows an urban space to retain its specific character but, above all, it means that so many materials have their service life extended.

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Reuse of materials

Sanitary installations, false floors, access barriers, rubbish bins and concrete are components which are examined and recovered. We question reuse and circularity with partners such as Retrival, Rotor and Batiterre. When existing materials cannot be reused, sustainable building materials are chosen, which is done in direct consultation with the producer. We are assisted in this task by operators such as Natura Mater.


Renovating a building allows you to preserve its character and the soul of the city. BPI Real Estate strives not only to respect but, above all, reveal the unique nature of the buildings. This is also true of one of our projects, La Grand Poste, which was awarded the Prix du Patrimoine et du Matrimoine de Liège (Heritage Prize of Liège) in December 2021. Conservation of the existing building is also part of a definitely circular approach.


As a key material for protecting the environment, a wooden construction offers the possibility of cleaner construction sites making less of an impact. With this in mind, we ensure that we systematically compensate for the materials we take from certified forests. Fossil fuel-free resources exist and we are integrating them into our developments.

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Wooden design

Wood consumes little energy since its transformation into a building component requires only a moderate supply of energy (water, electricity, etc.). The CFE Group and BPI Real Estate decided to put their environmental approach into practice by creating Wood Shapers two years ago. From real estate development to Design & Build through manufacturing, Wood Shapers offers an integrated process for development and construction, which is sustainable and efficient, using wood and prefabricated materials.

Alternative energy sources

BPI Real Estate promotes fossil-free energy resources and is devising action plans for moving towards carbon neutrality by measuring CO2 emissions on projects to determine where to reduce them as a priority. Solar panels, co-generation, district heating networks (biomass and pellets), as well as geothermal energy are the preferred choice in most projects. The same goes for smart rainwater management and soil remediation.


We focus on non-motorised travel, favouring infrastructures promoting cycling and walking. The strategic location of our projects takes into account the immediate proximity to the most convenient public transport routes. Lastly, we develop shared car sites for smart and reasonable use of vehicles.

Mobility hub

The options we offer are always designed with soft and active mobility in mind. Our aim is to boost shared mobility through shared cars on our sites, develop real estate projects whose mobile score is approaching 10/10, add pedestrian walkways, get closer to multimodal nodes and public transport.


Always on the lookout for innovative ideas, we design solutions which promote a dynamic use of office spaces. The same applies to the pooling of parking spaces according to the actual needs of companies and individuals, home automation, parcel delivery, etc.

Smart office

We are moving as much as possible towards the dynamic and well-thought use of office spaces such as hot desking, as well as shared services and deliveries, networking and energy savings.

Smart parking

You can save space thanks to the shared use of parking spaces based on private and professional needs, using an app. Consideration is also given to electric charging points.


Partnerships with start-ups provide us with innovative ideas in our real estate projects: BringMe Box, which designs parcel delivery areas, or Trigrr, which offers home automation services.

Sustainability certifications

Our projects are subject to the most rigorous certification procedures.

BBCA Low Carbon Renovation

BBCA Low Carbon Renovation

The real estate sector, which is the largest emitter of CO2, accounting for 39% of global emissions, is a key player in the fight against global warming. This is why the BBCA Association has developed an approach for certifying how good a building is in terms of its carbon footprint.

WELL Certification

WELL Certification

The WELL standard certifies the quality of design and operation of buildings from the perspective of the health and well-being of their users. Projects intending to achieve WELL certification can reach one of four certification levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.



The British certification standard BREEAM provides an assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. This is a genuine international standard, offering several certification levels: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent.

Our actions

Our goals

We are committed to a better world. Our goal is sustainability.

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