Our mission and values
Our mission and values
Our mission & values

Shape Urban Harmony through inspiring Real Estate Developments

BPI is one of the leading real estate developers in Belgium and abroad. Its values include high-quality architecture, sustainability, bespoke services, client support, environmental compliance and social responsibility. BPI Belgium applies these values every day in its new real estate developments.

The human aspect at the heart of BPI Real Estate's real estate projects 




Residential units sold since 2012


in development

€  mil.


€  mil.

million consolidated net profit


BPI’s innovative projects: putting people at the heart of cities of the future. 


The BPI team is committed every day to make choices that are sustainable and environmentally responsible and meet the latest technological requirements.

Our values

BPI Real Estate - urban planning with a focus on people and inspiring real estate projects 

Our projects embody strong sustainable values and assets


We never miss a chance to make a difference: "Yes, and", not "Yes, but".


We do our utmost for our teams, our clients, our partners and the planet.


We set high standards, then stick to them. We say what we do. We do what we say.


We work as a team, because that delivers excellence.