Sustainability development
Sustainability development

Sustainable development

The desire to innovate is integral to our DNA. At BPI Real Estate, as a sustainable company, we have been pre-empting and building cities for 30 years, already taking into account the standards of the future, whether in terms of mobility, energy or environmental impact.

BPI Urban Sustainability

Commitment to the environment:
a pillar of our strategy

Our company's commitment to society is about meeting the current needs of cities and their citizens, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

US Sustainability, contributing to a more sustainable future

Sustainability concerns us all: you, me, him, her... us.

See our 2023 ESG report.


The city of tomorrow

We pre-empt the standards of the future

By being bold enough to imagine more sustainable cities, we design projects focused on their citizens. As these projects are well thought out, they benefit, for example, from smart architecture, greenery and inspiring spaces, as well as from a strong commitment to society.

This is the reason why BPI Real Estate has chosen to enshrine its development and construction activities within the framework of the United Nations SDGs, which are the key benchmarks in terms of sustainability.

Sustainability development


We strive to respect biodiversity and living organisms. This conviction is reflected in our construction projects through the development of our services and the priority given to green spaces.

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By focusing on reuse or sourcing materials as locally as possible, we ensure that we deploy sustainable and circular renovation solutions.

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We are impressed by wooden design because it combines all the benefits of sustainable construction. We also give priority to alternative energy sources: solar panels, co-generation, geothermal energy, etc.

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Because we are aware of the crucial issues related to mobility, we ensure that soft mobility is included when designing our projects. This is reflected in such aspects as pedestrian zones, larger parking areas for bicycles, electric charging points.

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Technological innovations have a great deal to offer us as part of our quest for sustainability, which means that we develop partnerships with operators who make a practical difference in everyday life.

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Sustainability development


We are committed to a better world. Our goal is sustainability.

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We implement specific actions through our construction projects.

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Sustainability development