wolaRE being the third investment of BPI Real Estate Poland in Warsaw’s Wola district
wolaRE being the third investment of BPI Real Estate Poland in Warsaw’s Wola district

wolaRE being the third investment of BPI Real Estate Poland in Warsaw’s Wola district

The sale of the wolaRE investment carried in Warsaw at ul. Ostroroga 23 by the BPI Real Estate Poland, belonging to the international CFE group with its registered office in Brussels, has commenced. As part of the new housing project, 231 flats were put up for sale. The Belgian developer has already completed two investments in the capital, both in the Wola district – the Wola Tarasy and Wola Libre housing estates. The wolaRE investment is being developed in cooperation with the ACCTEUM Group.

BPI Real Estate Poland, in cooperation with ACCTEUM Group, is carrying out the wolaRE housing investment in Warsaw. Another project of the Belgian developer, which will be built at ul. Ostroroga 23 will be a place created for people who prefer an urban lifestyle. Excellent location in Warsaw’s Wola district guarantees proximity to the city and excellent transport connections allowing to reach in less than 10 minutes the centre of Warsaw, which is only 4 km away. An easy access to the rich cultural offer of the district and the capital is an additional advantage.

Each of our projects has in its offer several types of flats adjusted to various customer needs, which are well-designed and well thought out. Our experience and great interest in the project at the very beginning, as well as the success of previous investments that we have completed in the vicinity, allows us to expect further sales successes. “wolaRE is going to be the next attractive investment in Wola, which will contribute to further development of the district” said Wojciech Smolak, Sales and Marketing Director at BPI Real Estate Poland.

wolaRE is a modern 6-storey building, in which 231 apartments with attractive layout and in sought-after areas will be built. The estate’s offer includes flats adjusted to various customer needs, with areas ranging from 28 to 83 m2. Each apartment, whether it is a studio or a comfortable family flat, will have a balcony or a loggia. The wolaRE estate is a well-thought-out and refined project, which will also be functional for the local residents thanks to service premises located on the ground floor of the building.

wolaRE is an original project, tailored to the district’s existing buildings and will be the fourth investment of BPI Real Estate Poland in the capital and the third in Warsaw’s Wola district. Previously, in the immediate vicinity of the wolaRE estate the Wola Tarasy housing estate was built, which was one of the first residential buildings in Warsaw with large roof terraces, and Wola Libre, which is distinguished by the transparently carried out remediation process preceding the construction. “I believe that the wolaRE, just like our previous investments, will significantly contribute to the best possible use of the potential of the area” said Mariusz Rodak.

Construction of the wolaRE began in December 2018 and the project is expected to be completed by 2020. The wolaRE investment is carried out in cooperation with ACTEEUM Group. The general contractor of the project is CFE Polska.

For more information, visit wolare.pl


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