Czysta 4 development has reached the open shell and core stage!
Czysta 4 development has reached the open shell and core stage!

Czysta 4 development has reached the open shell and core stage!

The Czysta 4 residential project, under construction in the heart of Wrocław, has reached another important stage - shell and core without doors and windows. 

The occasion was marked by a symbolic topping out ceremony, which, in addition to the developer - BPI Real Estate Poland, was attended by representatives of the general contractor - CFE Poland, and subcontractors. Overall, the progress of all work on the construction of Czysta 4 is 40%, and the construction and delivery of the apartments is expected to be completed as early as Q2 2024.

Czysta 4 is a premium development that offers modern regular and luxury apartments in an attraction in the very center of Wrocław, adjacent to the Renoma shopping center and near the Old Town. This is the second project by the Belgian developer BPI Real Estate Poland to be carried out in the capital of Lower Silesia, following Bulwary Książęce. The construction, in turn, is the responsibility of CFE Poland acting as general contractor. Both companies belong to the same group, which ensures synergistic action and high quality project implementation.

“Despite the challenging location of the development in the heart of the city, construction work is proceeding smoothly and on schedule. Achieving the open shell and core stage allows us to proceed to the next stages, such as installation of windows, and masonry and installation work inside the building," said Piotr Tymura, Project Manager at BPI Real Estate Poland.

The Czysta 4 development includes 183 apartments with areas ranging from 25 to 88 sqm and a structure of 1 to 4 rooms, as well as 3 commercial units with areas of 72.09 sqm, 81.69 sqm and 93.90 sqm. Each apartment will be equipped with a smart home system, and most will have access to gardens, balconies or terraces. The project's design also includes underground and above-ground parking spaces for cars, storage units and ample bicycle parking. Future residents will enjoy additional advantages in the form of a public co-working space and a green terrace with a relaxation zone on the roof.

The Czysta 4 development is distinguished not only by its excellent location, but also by the application of numerous environmental solutions in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. These include photovoltaic panels to power common areas, rainwater recovery to water greenery on the estate, birdhouses, and infrastructure for installing electric car chargers. In the course of execution of the Czysta 4 project, it was also possible to preserve most of the existing trees on the site. “It is also worth noting that the building materials from the shopping mall once located on the site were recycled. Some elements, such as the stone elements of the facade, will be reused in the interiors of the new building," adds Piotr Tymura.

The prices of the apartments in the Czysta 4 development offered by BPI Real Estate Poland average PLN 19,500 per square meter.

More information about the project is available on the website:


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