Cavallia unveils new pages of history. A mixed-use development to be built on the site of former cavalry barracks
Cavallia unveils new pages of history. A mixed-use development to be built on the site of former cavalry barracks

Cavallia unveils new pages of history. A mixed-use development to be built on the site of former cavalry barracks

BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive Poland joined forces to build a housing estate of the future in Poznan's Łazarz district. Investors received valid building permit for the first phase of the project to build 269 flats, including some located in cosy, high-standard buildings. Construction will start in the first half of this year.

Cavallia is a mixed-use development with 857 flats at its core accompanied by office buildings and an entertainment and service area. In total, 12 new buildings will be constructed on the 5.5 ha site of former cavalry barracks and 5 historic buildings will be revitalized. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2029.

The name of the new Cavallia estate is a reference to the Italian word 'cavallo', meaning horse, and to the history of the place - the area between Grunwaldzka, Matejki and Ułańska streets used to be occupied by cavalry barracks of the famous 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment. Another expression of respect for the local history is the ‘Historia warta Poznania’ [‘History worth knowing and Poznań a city worth its history] project by BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive Poland, which uses the platform to explore the history of the former barracks. 


Modernity in the heart of the Łazarz district

The Cavallia development will include 857 flats. All units were designed to provide future residents with a comfortable living environment. Even in phase one flats with floor to ceiling height of as much as 3 m will be built. Clients may choose between functional one-, two-, three- and four-room flats ranging in size from approx. 25 to 130 m². Owners of ground floor flats will certainly be pleased to have their own home gardens. Flats on upper floors will feature balconies and loggias. Residential buildings were designed with underground parking lots. Outdoor bicycle parking spaces were also provided.

To ensure security for residents, the entire estate will be monitored with a CCTV system. The development will include playgrounds and green areas. An additional advantage for residents will be easy access to everyday services thanks to the retail and catering area planned in historic buildings. The complex will also include office buildings with a total area of 18,640 m². Some of the offices will be located in revitalised buildings once used by uhlans and their horses.


Ecology at the heart of the new estate

Cavallia is a sustainably designed and built development that will use top quality construction materials. BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive Poland pay particular attention to ecology. Photovoltaic systems and heat pumps will be installed in the buildings, and rainwater will be used to irrigate green areas. Investors ensure special protection for over 100-year-old chestnut trees.

- Revive takes ecology seriously. We are, therefore, implementing measures to reduce electricity and water consumption right from the construction phase. An obvious consequence of this policy is an estate that takes advantage of all opportunities to be nature-friendly - says Alexander Huyghe, CEO, Revive Poland. He adds - We know that our customers are aware of, and appreciate our environmental approach.

- We recognise that we face unprecedented environmental and social challenges and, since we are a part of an industry that has the ability to shape the world, that we have a responsibility to take care of future generations. Our company's ambition is to design and deliver innovative developments combining residential, office and retail functions, at the heart of which there are people - residents of a multicultural city of the future. And in designing cities of the future we need to be bold and make decisions that aim to deliver increasingly sustainable developments. We already have the first achievements in this field. Over the last 12 months our company (operating in three European markets: Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland) used 17,795 tonnes of recycled materials in its developments, started redevelopment of 25,535 m² of premises, and applied for a planning permission for, and built a total of 81,085 m² of fossil fuel-free space - comments Béranger Dumont, CEO, BPI Real Estate Poland.

Shared values of BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive Poland ensure that the Cavallia project is synonymous with quality and convenience. Modern architecture and functional flat layout make the project in Poznań's Łazarz district an ideal place to live for people who value ecology, comfort and elegance.

Cavallia: a 15-minute city

Cavallia is designed according to the 15-minute city concept. The site is located just a 5-minute drive from Poznańs city centre and a 10-minute walk from the integrated main railway and bus station as well as the business and exhibition center of the Poznań International Fair. In the area there are kindergartens, schools, a post office, a petrol station and big-box stores, but also, what is worth emphasizing, the oldest park in Poznań – Wilson’s Park, which has an area of over 7 hectares with the largest palm house in Poland. An additional advantage of the development is the proximity of tram and bus stops that will ensure hassle-free travel across the city for residents. On top of that, the estate is located approximately 8 km from the entrance to the motorway Poznań Bypass and 6 km from the Poznań Ławica Airport.

History worth knowing

One of the key elements of Cavallia’s determining the unique character is the skilful inclusion of the former barracks - buildings of modern architecture - into the historical fabric.


The three historic buildings previously used by the famous 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment, namely the quartermaster's headquarters, a utility building with kitchen and a squadron building, will be revitalised to serve as well-designed office facilities. Stables and riding hall will become cafés, restaurants, boutiques and other public facilities.

- Cavallia is an estate worth living in. History has given this place a unique character, and now it is us, together with new residents, who is writing a completely new chapter - a friendly city that understands people's needs - says Alexander Huyghe, CEO, Revive Poland emphasising advantages of the project in Poznań's Łazarz district. - Redevelopment of sites we choose for our projects is in Revive's DNA. Our projects respect the past while laying a solid foundation for the future. In Cavallia, revitalisation plays a very important role. Historic buildings will be repurposed as office and service spaces, which fits perfectly with the idea of a 15-minute city where the most important destinations are within easy reach. Nowadays, it is this proximity determines quality of life and happiness.

The Belgian mix

BPI Revive Matejki is a special purpose vehicle set up by two developers with Belgian origins - BPI Real Estate Poland and Revive. Both companies are already present on the Polish market.

As a leading real estate developer in Belgium, BPI Real Estate is on a mission to design cities of the future. 30 years’ experience in the industry entails an innovative approach and attention to detail in urban, architectural, structural, environmental, and social terms. This results in BPI Real Estate creating friendly and harmonious places to live and work. BPI Real Estate Poland's investments are already present in Gdynia, Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań and other cities. The latest development on the Poznań market is Panoramiqa, a modern residential project located in Wagrowska Street in Starołęka.

Meanwhile, Revive's mission is to revitalise brownfield sites in cities as an essential part of creating high-quality residential neighbourhoods. The company builds places to live that foster nature and strengthen relationships between neighbours. For 14 years it has been responsibly redeveloping brownfield sites in Belgium and Portugal, and now also in Poland. Revive uses modern and environmentally friendly architectural solutions that make it easy for residents to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2029.


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