BPI Real Estate Poland purchases plots for new projects in Poland
BPI Real Estate Poland purchases plots for new projects in Poland

BPI Real Estate Poland purchases plots for new projects in Poland

BPI Real Estate Poland has acquired a plot of land in the center of Wrocław for another project to be built in the capital of Lower Silesia. After Poznań, Warsaw, and the Tri-City, this is the fourth location in Poland where the Belgian developer has recently purchased land with the intention to execute new construction projects. The acquisition of plots for new projects with a total gross surface area of 200,000 square meters is strictly related to the pursuit of BPI Real Estate Poland’s future development plans. The scale of business conducted in Poland by the developer, a member of the CFE Group, keeps growing steadily.  The company will soon disclose more information about its new projects.

“In line with our strategy, we invest solely in the best available locations. Both the land plot in Wrocław and the recently acquired sites in Poznań, Warsaw, and the Tri-City are located in extremely attractive spots. We are currently getting prepared for the execution of new projects. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but I am sure that we will soon be able to present more details about each of our intended projects,” says Béranger Dumont, BPI Real Estate Poland’s Chief Executive Officer. In accordance with its business strategy, in the next few years, the Belgian developer expects to pursue new projects in Poland, focusing on the cities where it has already completed other endeavors, namely in Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, and the Tri-City. Within the framework of a joint venture with Revive, at the end of 2020, BPI Real Estate Poland purchased a land plot from the Poznań International Fair in the city center, where it intends to erect a unique project of a metropolitan nature. Moreover, BPI acquired another land plot in the capital of the Wielkopolska region in an equally attractive location. The developer’s project portfolio has recently been expanded with sites for new projects scheduled for execution in Warsaw and the Tri-City. The unifying feature of all the plots acquired by the developer is the huge potential of the sites, selected as a key element and starting point for further work on developing the details of each project. Currently, all projects intended for execution in Poland by BPI are at the design stage.

BPI Real Estate Poland staunchly pursues its business plan calling for the company’s continuous growth in Poland. As has been disclosed in the CFE Group’s annual report, owing to BPI’s real estate development operations, the company’s financial performance improved markedly last year. As regards BPI’s business objectives in Poland for this year, the company intends to launch several projects on its recently acquired plots. The Belgian developer’s team is currently focusing on the formal and conceptual work, preparing each new project for launch. The details of each of these projects will be published on an ongoing basis as they are initiated.

BPI Real Estate executes its projects in the spirit of Urban Shapers, in line with which it focuses on actively shaping modern urban spaces. The developer’s strategy is based chiefly on the selection of attractive locations where it pursues thoroughly considered functional projects accommodating the needs of future residents and users. In strict compliance with its values, in the next few years, the company also intends to focus on the continued pursuit of the principles of sustainable development in all its projects. The application of various environmentally friendly solutions and innovations will be customized to reflect the unique nature of each new project.

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