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Our investments are distinguished by an attractive location, well-thought-out concept and the highest quality of implementation, which in the future will result in a constant increase in the value of the properties.

Czysta 4

Residential investment in Wrocław

A modern premium class investment located in the heart of Wrocław. Czysta 4 is an investment that provides multi-dimensional comfort of living in the city.


Residential investment in Gdynia

Environmentally-friendly housing estate and one of the few in Poland with BREEAM certification at the "VERY GOOD" level. A higher standard investment in a unique location.  


Residential investment in Poznań

Panoramiqa is a modern, comfortable housing estate, perfectly connected to the city center, with a unique panoramic terrace on the roof of the building  

Chmielna Duo

Residential investment in Warszawa

A modern investment with timeless architecture, implemented in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, located in the very center of Chmielna Street.


Mixed-use investment in Poznan

A multi-stage investment in the center of Poznan, combining residential and commercial functions and including the revitalization of historic buildings. Details soon