Missions and Values

BPI Real Estate is one of the leading developers both in Belgium and abroad – high quality of projects, sustainable development, individualization of services offered, customer support, care for the environment and social responsibility are the values that the company follow every day while working on new development projects.


„Actively shape the space of cities through inspiring development investments”

The primary aim of BPI Real Estate is to create innovative projects which place a man in the center of multicultural cities of tomorrow.

We want to achieve this aim by implementing sustainable investments that will meet the highest technological and ecological requirements while supporting multigenerationality and diversity of social roles.

Our motivation for working on the creation of high-quality urban spaces is passion.

“Urban Shapers”



The BPI Real Estate team consists of over 65 experienced architects, designers, urban planners as well as commercial and financial consultants.

Thanks to enthusiasm and creativity and many years of experience, they are able to meet all the needs and expectations of our clients.

Cooperation with a permanent network of experienced business partners has enabled the BPI Real Estate team to develop high quality projects for over 30 years.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” (Henry Ford)


In addition to unquestionable technical competences, it is the customer focus and meeting all deadlines and commitments as well as constant listening to the needs of future users of our investments which are the greatest assets of BPI Real Estate.

“It’s not a question of knowing whether the customer is right or wrong but of doing your best to solve their problem” (Shep Hyken)


The development investments implemented by us are frequently visionary and creative, putting comfort and quality of life always first.

First of all, we find the right location – the one that will meet certain quality requirements.

Then, based on thoughts, expectations and aesthetic vision, we develop a project – first within our team, then along with architects, designers, planners and landscape specialists.

This multidisciplinary team decides on the final shape and structure of the project and the arrangement of space, so that the whole would harmoniously fit into the surroundings of the particular location.  
At this stage, we also make adjustments that include planning regulations, local government requirements and legal opinions.

Then the construction begins, which is closely supervised by us in order to ensure that all work will be completed on time and performed in accordance with the quality standard required by our company. 
Clients’ satisfaction and taking their needs into account is our greatest asset.

In addition to our own experience and expert knowledge, if necessary, we cooperate with the specialists from other companies within the CFE Group – the largest construction company in Belgium. 
Our new offer includes projects for various purposes, including mixed-use investments, combining residential, office, commercial and service functions.

Extensive experience in all areas of the property development industry means that regardless of the profile and the final function, we ensure the reliability and the highest level of implementation of each investment.

“Achieving success is about the highest quality of your entourage.” (John F. Kennedy)


There are the spirit of openness and readiness to listen to others behind our strength and passion. In BPI Real Estate, we focus on dialogue with our clients and all business partners.  Such a transparent approach gives our clients the opportunity to accurately track the progress of works on the construction site of their apartments, which purchase is often an investment for a lifetime for them.

In turn, the partnership approach towards our contractors encourages healthy competition and is a guarantee of high quality services.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” (Albert Einstein)


We approach our development projects with commitment and passion. Their high level of performance is a reference point and a source of inspiration.

We are committed to our work and focused on achieving results.

Passion is the driving force behind our success. It is passion that accompanies us at every stage of project implementation. It can be felt in everyone in our enterprise.

We want our work to be a model for the entire property development industry.

“Nothing great happens without passion.” (Victor Hugo)