BPI Team

While operating in three countries – Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium, where BPI Real Estate has its branches, individual teams are passionate about implementing the mission of the company, which, at the same time, is an inspiration for all employees: creating sustainable projects that will meet the highest property investment requirements – not only today but also in the future.

The basis of each development project implemented by BPI Real Estate is constituted by people, which is reflected in the spirit of teamwork, work atmosphere and development opportunities.

Steering committee

Staff testimonials


Head Accountant

“I joined the BPI Real Estate Poland team in 2016. I value my work here for the great development opportunities and new challenges that arise with every investment I make. I especially appreciate the familiar atmosphere and the people with whom I have the pleasure to work. I think it is thanks to them that BPI has a chance to become a recognizable company on the market. There are many indications that it will be so. The company grows, earning the trust of customers in subsqequent Polish cities. I hope that thanks to this, I will be able to develop further, get to know new areas of accounting and, as so far, I will belong to a group of lucky people for whom work is a pleasure, not routine.”


Sales and Marketing Department Director

“I was invited to create the structures of BPI Real Estate in Poland in 2013. As I had previously worked for Polish developers, it was an interesting opportunity for me to take advantage of the international know-how of a large Belgian player. My everyday work involves analyzing, forecasting, reporting and solving problems. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge for me is managing different types of personalities of sellers and building a positive atmosphere in the team, inside which we have managed to develop a sense of mutual trust supported by the knowledge of others’ competences. I believe that BPI has all predispositions to become one of the most recognizable developers on the market – not by the scale of operations, but thanks to the quality of projects and their individual character as well as thanks to our unique approach to clients.”


Marketing Manager

“I have been working at BPI Real Estate Poland for over 10 years. During this time, the real estate market in Poland has changed beyond recognition, and my job position also evolved. New technologies and marketing tools, increasing expectations of customers and innovations introduced, require constant knowledge development, openness to changes and individual approach to each project. Thanks to that, along with every investment realized by BPI, I am gaining new experience, I am getting to know new markets, and there is no place for boredom in my work. I work in a friendly environment, where I value my responsibility and I have support of a trusted team of people for whom the work, as in my case, is a passion.”


Sales specialist

“I graduated from the Kozminski University in Warsaw in the field of Real estate and property management. I started work in the BPI Real Estate Poland in 2013, encouraged by the meeting with my future supervisor. On a daily basis I deal with sales support for further investments introduced to the Polish market. The biggest challenge for me is the ability to find myself in multiple sales situations, while dealing with different requirements of people interested in buying an apartment. At work, I value the positive atmosphere and cooperation with people with whom we create a really well-coordinated team. Bearing in mind that we spend the most part of the day toghether, it cannot be overestimated. Thinking about the future of our company, I hope for its dynamic growth, because Polish BPI already has everything it needs in order to increase its expansion and achieve even more explicit success.”


Junior Development Manager

“I am a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk in the field of Investments and Real Estate. My job at BPI Real Estate, which started in 2017 is about assessing the investment potential of real estate and searching for new projects in the biggest cities in Poland. It is unconventional and very interesting work full of challenges, which gives me the opportunity to develop in an international environment. In BPI, I especially appreciate people who create a friendly atmosphere and partnership, which strongly motivates us to act.”